ISSCA Fellowship in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Course for more details visit

Target Audience:

Physicians, medical practitioners or biotech personnel interested in implementing regenerative medicine.

Course Details & Objectives:

  • In-detail program offering hands-on experience in stem cell characterization and laboratory applications.
  • Learn cell culture including plating, trypsinization, harvesting, and cryopreservation.
  • Understand and apply quality control tests including cell count, viability, flow cytometry, endotoxin, mycoplasma and sterility.
  • Perform cGMP functions including clean room maintenance, gowning and environmental monitoring.
  • Gain insight and relevant applications of stem cell processing and the regulations in a certified facility.
  • Attendees given the tools necessary to implement regulatory and clinical guidelines when setting up a GMP facility.
  • Copies of presentations, procedural protocols and all forms associated with a GMP facility provided.
  • Perform clinical procedures including lipoaspirate and bone marrow isolation.
  • Reintroduce stem cells for various indications.
  • Case books and full protocols for about 30 indications provided.