Daeyong Kim, PhD

Daeyong Kim, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized health educator, and CEO of N-Biotek, Inc, a preeminent manufacturer of biomedical and laboratory equipment. N-Biotek is a leader of stem cell technologies, providing solutions for providers worldwide.

In addition, Dr. Kim is vice-president of BioChip Society, CEO of GTOP Construction Inc, managing director Woojoo Telecom, and managing director of KEPCO KDN. Laboratory.

Nang Lae Kim, MD

Dr. Nang Lae Kim, M.D. is an expert in degenerative disorders with a focus on stem cell therapies. In addition, Dr. Kim serves as director of DK Clinic in Korea and a pain treatment specialist holding various appointments at hospitals throughout South Korea. Dr. Kim is a member of the Stem Cell Network at N-Biotek, Inc.

Mustafa Hammad, MD

Dr. Mustafa Hammad obtained his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from The University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania graduating with Summa Cum Laude (highest honor). He continued to get his Osteopathic Medical degree (D.O.) from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Pennsylvania and his Medical Degree (M.D.) from University Health Sciences Antigua. Dr. Hammad moved to Stony Brook, New York where he did his combined residency training at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Internal Medicine and Neurology in 2004. Shortly after, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he did his fellowship training at Emory University in Clinical Neurophysiology/Neuromuscular Disorders and Sleep Medicine. He then moved to Panama City, Florida working with a private group and local hospitals as an attending neurologist, sleep and interventional pain specialist. He then established The NeuroMedical Institute in 2007 and The NeuroMedical Research Center in 2012. Dr. Hammad went on to establish Allmed Medical Center in Ramallah, Palestine in 2014 and two Allmed Medical Centers in Northern Israel in 2017. He continues to own and operate his centers in these countries.

Sungkook Park, MD

Sungook Park, M.D. is a stem cell specialist in regenerative medicine for N-Biotek, Inc. and an expert in neurological and muscular degenerative disease. Dr. Sungook is vice-president of the International Association of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine.

Byungsoo Cho, MD

Byungsoo Cho, M.D. is an integral member of N-Biotek’s Stem Cell Network, where he works as a stem cell specialist. Dr. Cho is the academic director of the Korean Society of Pediatric Nephrology; a trustee of the Korean Society of Nephrology; a trustee of the Korean Pediatric Society; a member of Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology; a member of the International Congress of Nephrology, and a member of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association.

Mehmet Bozkurt, MD

Mehmet Bozkurt, MD have been a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Diyarbakır Military Hospital, Girne/Cyrus Military Hospital Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery between 2001-2005 and assistant professor in Dicle University between May 2005 and March 2010. Since September 2007. He had performed a lot of operations in connection with patients with high velocity gun injuries in military hospitals. In Dicle University he is performing reconstructive surgery among congenital deformities and traffic accident injured patients. He have founded Dicle University Burn Center in Diyarbakir which has 24 bed consisting 8 intensive beds. This Burn Center is now the biggest burn center in Turkey and near 450 cases are hospitalized each year in this Burn center. He has passed the associated professor examination in year 2010. Between July 2006-July 2007 he was a research fellow in Microsurgery/Plastic Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. He works with DR Maria Siemionow who is the top researcher in composite allotransplantation. He is the chairman and director of plastic reconstructive surgery and burn center. Between 2011-2012 he completed his clinical fellowship of microsurgery at Cleveland clinic.

Training hospital in Istanbul which is well known hospital. Between 2013 August and march he supervised Okmeydanı Resarh and training hospital. He has established the Burn Center in the European side of Istanbul which is Bagcılar Training and Research hospital. Also He is a head of two main hospitals in İstanbul Bagcılar and Kartal Training and Research hospitals. He is a member of International federation for adipose therapeutics and science, International society of Burn association, Turkish plastic surgery association and Turkish aesthetic surgery association. Also He is a board certified in European plastic surgery and Turkish Plastic surgery.

Anoop Chaturvedi, MD

Anoop Chaturvedi, MD is the CEO of World Antiaging Network, the First International peer to peer platform of Antiaging physicians, the Founder President of Antiaging Medicine and Research, AMAR India, and Antiaging conference and expo "INDOMEDICON" which brings latest advances congress courses and certifications on Anti-Aging , Aesthetics, Lasers, Wellness Care, Weight Loss Protocols , Bioidentical Hormones for Men and Women and Regenerative Medicine for doctors. He is also International Advisor of Antiaging Clinics in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, TX Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Mumbai India to name a few. Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi can only be described as a man with an insight and passion for antiaging and wellness medicine. In 2007 Mr. Chaturvedi founded the Society of Antiaging Medicine and Research AMAR-India based in Mumbai which provides educational, clinical and research support for physicians. He is an International Scientific Advisor for EuroMediCom and the World Society of Antiaging Medicine, a scientific advisor for Nucerity International Medical, and a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine & World Society of Interdisciplinary Antiaging Medicine.

Rafael Perez Franco, MD

Rafael Perez Franco, M.D. is director of the Rafael Perez Center for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Bogota, Colombia. An expert in his field for more than 10 years, Dr. Perez Franco also serves as a surgeon at the Universidad del Bosque and a plastic surgeon at the Clínica San Rafael in Colombia. Dr. Perez Franco also holds special rotations at Hospital Saint Paul in San Pablo, Brazil and the Clínica Fluminense de Cirugía Plástica and Clínica del Profesor Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro.

Junaid Syed, MD

Junaid Syed, MD is a highly experienced fully Qualified Medical Doctor with Board certification and clinical experience in a range of medical specialties. Well-developed mastery of Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Hair Transplant Surgery, and Internal Medicine, complemented by expertise in a range of medical disorders. American Citizen, Fully ABIM, ECFMG and USMLE Step certified. Fellow of American College of Physician along with certification in ACCMA and ISSCA. Completed extensive training in outpatient and inpatient medicine and a driven, dynamic and detail oriented medical professional. Prize and scholarship winning academic with an excellent academic record. Published peer-reviewed researcher with a strong academic foundation built on residency in a range of academic medical specialties. Experienced educator and mentor, with a broad range of detailed clinical knowledge.

  • FACP (Fellow of American College of Physician)
  • American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association
  • ISSCA (International Society of Stem Cell Application) Chapter Director for United States of America

Ming Zhang Jie, MD

Ming Zhang Jie, M.D. is Chairman of HANK Bioengineering Co. LTD., a biotechnology company based in Shenzhen, China that focuses on the integration of research, development, production and sale of biomedical products.

Dr. Zhang is an accomplished scientist, microbiologist and virologist who has worked extensively in the U.S. for the CDC, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Food and Drug Administration in various research positions, including senior associate at the National Research Center. A Chinese-American, Dr. Zhang received the Award for Scientific Achievement from the FDA for outstanding achievement in natural murderers (NK) cell research in 2012, and has earned numerous awards for his work in the field of HIV, HCV, West Nile virus, the Japanese encephalitis virus, and quality performance.

Dr. Zhang launched HANK Bioengineering in 2013, a 4,300 square foot CFDA cGMP certified facility affiliated with the Institute of Cell Biology and Bioengineering, HANK Molecular Immunology Laboratory

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, M.D.. often referred to as “America’s #1 anti-aging doctor,” is the director of the world renowned Sears Institute for Anti-aging Medicine.

Dr. Sears has published 35 books and reports on health and wellness, and has millions of loyal readers in 163 countries. Dr. Sears has been featured on ABC News, CNN and ESPN. He was one of the first specialists to be board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Mehmet Veli Karaaltin, MD

Mehmet Veli Karaaltin, MD is associate professor of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive Surgery (certified by the European Board) and hand, head and maxillofacial surgery specialist. He graduated from the Istanbul University with a degree in Medicine and specialized at the Hacettepe University. His training also includes studies in microsurgery and laboratory animal research.

He is a member of a variety of societies such as the Society of Turkish Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery (TPCD), the Turkish Society for Surgery of Hand and Upper Extremity, the European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (ESPRAS) and the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS.) Additionally, he is an experienced author and lecturer who has collaborated on diverse academic publications and has taken part in charity projects and seminars in Turkey, France, Japan, Norway, China, Portugal and Austria.

Leslie Mesén Martínez, MD

Leslie Mesén Martínez, MD studied medicine at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in San José, Costa Rica. He receives continuing education courses in the United States and Latin America.

Dr. Mesen is board certified in Anti-Aging and regenerative Medicine by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Leslie Mesen has also extensive experience as Chief Medical Officer of the Three most recognized Anti-Aging Institutes, Costagenics Age Management program (2007-2010),Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas (2010-2013) and the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic (2014 until present).

Alfredo Hoyos, MD

Alfredo Hoyos, M.D. is head of the Global Stem Cells Group Faculty, founder of Stem Lab, and a prominent plastic surgeon who invented high definition liposuction (HDL) and dynamic definition lipoplasty (4D ) techniques.

Dr. Hoyos signed on as an exclusive representative GSCG’s Colombian territory in September, 2014.

He divides his time between practices in Miami and Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Hoyos founded Stem Lab to further the development of aesthetic techniques using stromal stem cells derived from adipose tissue.

Stem Lab is currently conducting extensive research in regenerative medicine in an effort to establish stem cell treatments that can repair damaged tissue in living organisms, using natural biological mechanisms that are proving useful in auto repair processes on damaged tissue.

Enrique Testart, MD

Enrique Testart, M.D,. a surgeon specializing in child trauma microsurgery, is Global Stem Cells Group’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Dr. Testart is also a medical entrepreneur and founder of Consortia Innovas S.A. in Santiago, Chile, dedicated to consulting and clinical health management for clinical management firms and research and development-oriented planners in the latest treatments in regenerative medicine as they become available.

A native of Santiago, Chile, Dr. Testart’s medical studies took him all over the world, including orthopedics studies under the direction of the renowned Prof. Jean Paul Metaizeau, M.D. in France.

Dr. Testart is in charge of all Global Stem Cells Group divisions and programs in Chile, including patient recruitment through Cellgenic, medical training and certification through Stem Cell Training Inc., and all things related to the sale of equipment disposable through Adimarket.

Burton Feinerman, MD

Burton Feinerman, M.D. is a stem cell physican and research scientist specializing in anti-aging treatments. He is president of StemCellRegenMed, based in Miami, Florida.
Dr. Feinerman offers stem cell treatments for a variety of disorders and diseases.
He earned his medical degree from New York Medical College in 1954.

Dr. Feinerman is affiliated with Long Island College Hospital in New York and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Feinerman is a member of the Society of Apheresis, Society of Bone Marrow Blood Transplantation, and the International Society for Cellular Therapy, the Society for Cranial Transplantation and Brain Repair and the Society for Cardiac Translational Therapy.

Paul Perito, MD

Paul Perito, M.D. is one of the world’s leading urologists, specializing in men’s sexual health and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

His practice, Miami-based Perito Urology, has been named the number one penile implant facility in the world for the past eight years.

In addition to performing more than 500 successful penile implant surgeries each year, Perito Urology offers a spectrum of services that include the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease and all other forms of urologic care related to men’s health.

He was the first in the nation to use his signature, minimally invasive approach to ED (The Perito Implant™).

Perito Urology combines comprehensive men’s health care in a state-of-the-art facility and provides discrete concierge care for patients from all over the world. He serves as Chairman of Urology at Coral Gables Hospital.

Rafael Moguel, MD

Rafael Moguel, MD, is an interventional cardiologist and director of Clínicas del Corazon in Lima, Peru.

His training includes studies in carotid and brain intervention at the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Intervention (SCAI) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Moguel is accredited in cardiology and interventional cardiology, and is a Fellow of the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Intervention (SCAI).

He is the director of a stem cell treatment center in Cozumel, Mexico, offering stem cell treatments for a range of medical conditions.

Dr. Moguel has performed thousands of coronary, cerebral, peripheral and other endovascular surgical procedures in the course of his career, including more than 500 CCSVI treatments for multiple sclerosis, and has treated more than 1,000 U.S. and Canadian patients.

Augusto Brazzini, MD

Augusto Brazzini, MD, is an interventional radiologist and founder of the Brazzini Institute, a radiology and stem cell treatment clinic in Lima, Peru.

The Brazzini Institute offers cutting-edge, adipose-derived stem cell therapies to treat a range of diseases, disorders and pain.

Dr. Brazzini is the Peruvian president of the Association of Cell Therapy (APTCEL), a member of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) and director of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) in Peru.

He is a former professor of Interventional Radiology at Louisiana State University (LSU).

J. Victor Garcia Gimenez, MD

J. Victor Garcia Gimenez, M.D. is president of Therapeutic Confrontations (CONFTERA), is a specialist in orthopedic surgery and practices cosmetic medicine and surgery, anti-aging medicine, and aesthetic therapies in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Garcia Gimenez is the president of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery; Co-director of the UAB-SEMCC; Chairman for Spain of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and other medical and professional boards.

Silvina Pastrana, MD

Silvina Pastrana, M.D. is a surgeon and medical director of the Stem Cell Center Buenos Aires and Regentherapy Puerto Madero. Dr. Pastrana heads a staff of medical specialists in orthopedics, rheumatology, medical clinic and cosmetic surgery, performing procedures that incorporate stem cell therapies. She also serves as a staff surgeon for the Hospital Dr. Prof. Luis Güemes, and is a member of the Global Stem Cells Group Advisory Board.

Dr. Pastrana received her medical degree at the Argentinian University of Buenos Aires and completed her residency at the Hospital Dr. Prof. Luis Güemes in Buenos Aires. She continued her postgraduate studies in Spain while gaining knowledge about minimally invasive and percutaneous surgery.

Rafael Higashi, MD

Rafael Higashi, MD is a neurologist specializing in anti-aging medicine and treating pain.
Since 2008 Dr. Higashi has served as director of the Department of Neurology and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Higashi Clinic, and Medical Centers in Athens, London and Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Higashi is also the Medical Director and Scientific Director of the Higashi Clinic, where he works alongside his father, Tsutomu Higashi, M.D. and his brother, Higashi Leonardo, M.D.

Aldo Parodi, MD

Aldo Parodi, M.D. is a plastic surgeon and laser liposuction specialist with clinical experience in assisted lipotransference.

Dr. Parodi also offers aesthetic treatment using adipose-derived stem cells at his Tacna, Peru-based aesthetic medicine venue Clinic La Femme.

Ernesto Delgado Cidranes MD. PhD

Ernesto Delgado Cidranes MD. PhD is Spanish Anesthesiologist. Director, CEO, and Founder at Advanced Pain & Aesthetic Management Center Madrid. Editorial Board Member of Journal Pain Management and Therapy. USA AIUM Members, Reviewer and Advisor Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, American Institute (USA), Member of Organizing Committe for World Pain Medicine Conferences . Expert in pain treatment. Chairman Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Spanish University Health Ministry. International Professor of Advanced Ultrasound. Heat Pain Unit La Milagrosa Hospital & Los Madroños Hospital Madrid Staff of Anesthesiology of Ruber Quirón Hospital Madrid He has an integrative and interdisciplinary concept in the treatment of pain.

Jose Refugio Arrieta Gomez, MD

Jose Refugio Arrieta Gomez, MD, Professional Surgeon certificate: 158408
Specialist certificate in Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery: 3150389
Member of the Mexican Council of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery since 1984. Registration number: ARG-158/84

Roberto Jeronimo Alvarez, MD

Roberto Jeronimo Alvarez, M.D. graduated from Higher Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba and completed his board certification at the Autonomous University of Yucatán in Mexico.

Dr. Jeronimo Alvarez is a Pediatric Specialist in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.

Miguel León Donoso, M.D.

Miguel León Donoso, M.D. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Ecuador, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery.
Specialty: Specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery, with a degree from the Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul, in Barcelona, Spain (1984-1988).
With a Master’s degree in Vascular Technology and Medicine, from the Saint Mary’s Hospital, in London, England (1990).
Surgical registrar at the Walles Rotation, in the United Kingdom (1997-2000).

Current occupations:
From 2001 onwards

  • Angiology and Vascular Surgery consultant at the Hospital Universitario de la Ribera, in Alzira, Valencia.
  • Member of Spanish Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.
  • Member of the Spanish Chapter of Phlebology of the Spanish Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.
  • Member of the European Society for Vascular Surgery.
  • Member of the European Venus Forum.

José Ernesto Novoa Gregorio, M.D.

José Ernesto Novoa Gregorio, M.D. Internist, hematologist, and clinical pathologist.
He graduated from the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UDELAR) in 1977, with a degree in Medicine.
Hematology fellow (Fullbright Foundation) at the Shands Teaching Hospital, in Gainesville, USA.
Director of the Clinic Hematology Service at the Hospital Policial, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

With postgraduate degrees from the Hospital Clinic i Provincial, in Barcelona, Spain (1986-1988), in professor Ciril Rozman’s Hematology and Transplant Service; and from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), at the General Hospital of Kumamoto (1992).

He did an internship at the Loyola University (Chicago, USA), working in prophylaxis of the thromboembolic disease (2000).
Visiting professor of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (Monterrey, Mexico) (2007-2017).
Scientific secretary of the Cooperative Latin American Group on Hemostasis and Thrombosis (CLAHT), for the 2013-2017 period.

His main areas of interest are: antithrombotic therapy during gestation, cancer and thrombosis, chronic lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative syndromes, transplant of bone marrow from parents / therapeutic angiogenesis, and antitumor vaccination.
Author of more than 200 publications regarding Intern Medicine, Hematology and Cellular Therapy.


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