On-site Training Course is a personalized hands-on training where one of our stem cell specialists provides you one-on-one training at your very own clinic.


If you are interested in scheduling on-site training sign up here:

It’s time to grow your practice by improving and expanding available treatments in your medical office.

Take advantage of these awesome benefits:

  • State of the Art Stem Cell Training Session

    Will take place at your facilities, saving you time and money!
  • Online Resources

    Receive personalized theoretical information and hands on training along with ongoing support for your clinical practice.
  • Applications and Protocols

    Applications and Protocols presented to you by a faculty member with extensive experience in laboratory and clinical practice.

Request a specific Stem Cell Training Program that is tailored to your needs. We will customize it to help you reach your specific practice goals.

Now that you know how valuable this opportunity is.
Here are the specifications of our On-Site Stem Cell Training program:

Equipment & Supply

Our team delivers and sets up all the necessary equipment and supplies for the training session to take place and will leave you and your team fully qualified to take on your own Stem Cell Treatment practice.

Expert Trainers

The course takes a highly visual and interactive angle, our expert trainers teach and supervise the hands on process on live patients using different protocols for the extraction, isolation and application of PRP, Adipose, and Bone Marrow Stem Cells.

Multimedia Access

We’ll give you access to high resolution step-by-step videos of procedures for your future use and reference and you will have access to ongoing online and telephone support, for clinical and equipment inquiries or concerns.