• EXPERTISE. Learn directly from our physicians or scientists who have practiced or developed the procedures.
  • APPLIED SCIENCE. Take advantage of caveats and tips that are essential to show reproducible results.
  • RELIANCE. Apply specific robust protocols conceived and ran as clinical trials.
  • SUPPORT. Receive unlimited assistance from our Scientific Support department.


Welcome to Stem Cell Training, Inc. We are a biotechnology training company affiliated with Global Stem Cells Group that specializes in teaching the latest techniques in stem cell medicine to qualified physicians and high level healthcare professionals through our training courses, workshops, and seminars.

The programs are developed by our faculty of scientists and highly specialized physicians with the aim to advance the clinical side of stem cell technology.  We are Doctors training Doctors. Our highly interactive and hands on technical training adheres to the latest tools and protocols. Our instructors ensure consistent training and delivery across all of our programs.

Stem cells provide the extraordinary medical benefits that make our mission possible. Physicians who participate in Stem Cell Training courses are looking to grow their practices while providing their patients with all the advantages of Regenerative Medicine  therapies.

If you know a practicing stem cell physician, chances are he or she trained with us. To learn more about Stem Cell Training, we welcome you to contact us through email or simply give us a call. We’ll be happy to speak with you.


Preparando maletas para los proximos cursos de Medicina Regenerativa del mes de Abril. Buenos Aires 6.7 http://cursocelulasmadre.com/entrenamiento-en-argentina/..

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Mas de 10 speakers internacionales confirmados ISSCA Regenerative Medicine. Istambul, Turkey. Abril 28 Lecture: Effect of Autologous Bone Marrow..

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stem cell training courses

“Studies have shown that Mesenchyne stem cells are present in tissue where acute injury has occurred. These stem cells aid in re-generating healthy cells and leads to scarless regeneration of cells… READ MORE


Neurologist and Founder of Stem Cells – Brazil

“This two-day training is intense because it is only two days, but by the end of the experience, doctors have valuable information to share with their patients and take back to their practices and clinics.”…READ MORE

– Burton Feinerman, M.D.

Founder of Stem Cell Regenmed and owner of stemcellregenmed.com, New York




SEND US A MESSAGE: IF You want to learn more about the stem cells industry You have a project and are interested in working with us You are a physician looking for training You just want to say Hi.


The best way to talk to us is to send us an email to info@stemcellsgroup.com. Please include your goals and deadlines, we will get back to you in 24 Hours.


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